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This site and domain is owned by Michael Teeling of Oakland, California, USA. I work in the Internet industry so secured the URL way back in 1998.

My wife is named Amy and we have two wonderful children, Gwendolyn (b. 2003) and Aidan (b. 2005). I've lived in Calif. since 1988, shortly after graduating from Boston College.

A little family history for those fellow Teelings from around the world that may have made it to this site. I was born in Beverly, Massachusetts in August 1966 to Brendan Teeling (b. 1938) and my mother Doris. Both of them were born and raised in Salem, Mass. My grandfather was named Thomas Teeling (b. 1900, d. 1988) and wife Rose. GreatGrandfather was also Michael Teeling, wife Bridget, but not much is known about them except they came over from Dundalk, a town north of Dublin, Ireland and settled in Salem. Thomas was the youngest and only child to be born in the U.S., so they must have emigrated in the 1890s. Michael had a hard life shoveling coal into furnaces of office buildings.

My granddad was the first in the family to go to college, and became a high school teacher for 35 years in Salem. My dad is an M.D. (opthalmologist, ret.) and practiced over 30 years in Beverly. He still lives in Ipswich, Mass with his wife. My dad had one brother, Thomas (also a teacher), who married but died without heirs. I have two sisters, both married with children, and no longer Teelings!

As I am Brendan's only son, I felt a duty to keep this little branch of the Teeling family tree alive, and have thanks to my boy Aidan. Now it's his turn!

Amy and I would love to hear from you about YOUR Teeling family branch, so please write us!

Thanks for visiting.

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